The commitment that defines Graziano Merotto's winemaking expands beyond Prosecco: the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene provide an ideal setting for cultivating grapes suited for still wine production. B.Giussin, named after the area where the estate's vineyards are located, is a pure Pinot Bianco, clear and layered, showcasing the true character of this noble white grape variety.

Rosso Dogato, present in small quantities within the estate's production for decades, is a pure Cabernet Sauvignon with prolonged aging, adding territorial identity to an international grape variety cultivated in many regions worldwide. These are two wines bearing Graziano Merotto's signature, contributing to broadening one's perspective, allowing one to fully experience and breathe in the spirit of Merotto in all its original and incomparable facets.

Merotto - B. Giussin - Pinot Bianco - COLLI TREVIGIANI - thumb
Merotto - Rosso Dogato - Cabernet Sauvignon - MARCA TREVIGIANA - thumb