The hands shape every space, they are root and will. In repeating ancient gestures, they hold secrets otherwise forgotten, and present them anew in a contemporary style and personality. “Because hands tell stories, like glances and silences. In hands, as in the trunks of trees, one reads the lines and curves of an existence. The sweetness, the toil, the sufferings, the furrows of the things we have come into contact with, that have characterized us, insinuating themselves between the folds and beyond.” * excerpt from the book: “I Remember It as a Happy Day”.

What metaphorically strikes about Graziano Merotto’s hands is the profound knowledge of a territory, the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, and the signs of a peasant work that has translated, for over 50 years, into “Making wine”.
It’s the wisdom of a lifetime, the fruit of a passion born in youth and then transformed into a profession: creating wines capable of leaving a trace.
Graziano’s hands are generous, hands that retain the humility and wonder of times past, immersed in nature and preserving the knowledge of the artisan, even in a technologically advanced context.


Graziano founds his winery by starting to produce Sur Lie wine from Glera grapes.

End of the

In the late ’70s, the first autoclave enters the company, and from that moment, Graziano begins to experiment with the Martinotti-Charmat Method under the guidance of the enologist-poet Piero Berton.

The 80s

Graziano Merotto has always held great esteem for Pinot grapes. In these years, driven by his passion, he ventures into the world of the classic method with humility, employing his pupitres and everything necessary to produce a niche of bottles, almost personal in nature.

Beginning of
the 90s

La Primavera di Barbara is born. A high-quality Prosecco named after his daughter, Barbara.


First edition of Rosso Dogato: a wine that withstands the test of time.Its name derives from the long rest on French oak staves, partly Tonneau and partly Barrique. The label, historically adorned with hot air balloons, carries a significant message of “going beyond.” A new challenge that still captivates a large audience of enthusiasts.


A precursor of his time, Graziano officially registers the Merotto brand, opting to use the current bottle, personalized and distinctive, with a slender yet lively design that is still highly appreciated.


The Cuvée del Fondatore Graziano Merotto Rive di Col San Martino Brut is born after years of vineyard and cellar work. As the creed of the land dictates, “to make good wine, one must know well the land from which it comes.” Graziano embarked on this significant personal project by first selecting the uniqueness of his own historic “RIVA” (riverbank). And, thanks to the experience gained over the past thirty harvests, coupled with an invaluable admiration for the territory, his most important wine is born.


The first vintage of Casté Extra Dry is born, originating from the homonymous Colle il Castello. Graziano favors this single vineyard for its unique topographic and morphological characteristics composed of conglomerate soil. The result is a wine that represents the most typical expression of Prosecco Superiore DOCG.


Integral Extra Brut is born from the desire to narrate the territory even in its driest version. It’s a challenge that Graziano has embraced by starting with the selection of grapes solely from our oldest vines to produce a particularly gastronomic wine: fresh, elegant yet assertive.


A very important year for us, marking the opening of the Merotto Space, a venue entirely dedicated to hospitality. Enthusiasts and wine lovers from around the world can discover the uniqueness of our hills, taste and purchase our wines, organize corporate meetings, and themed events.


Graziano Merotto has always been fascinated by the elegance and nobility of this grape variety, owning a significant plot in Col San Martino for some time. After several harvests where experimentation with certain parcels refined the stylistic goal, the journey of this new wine begins with the 2020 vintage.


“With the Fondatore del Fondatore, I wish to celebrate an anniversary that is unique and unrepeatable for me, the 50 years of my work, sacrifices, and vision.” Thus, Graziano creates “Cuvée del Fondatore 50 Graziano Merotto,” a Prosecco Superiore DOCG capable of challenging time.


Something new is on the horizon… How will Graziano surprise us this time?